Outdoor equipment

Kefalonia Chandlers, with branches in Fiscardo and Agia Efimia, is your go-to destination for premium outdoor equipment. Our outdoor department showcases a wide range of high-quality products from the best brands in the industry. 

Whether you’re planning a beachside BBQ, a camping trip, or a relaxing day outdoors, we have you covered. Our selection includes top-notch BBQ equipment, such as grills and accessories, to enhance your outdoor cooking experience. 

We also offer essential items like paraffin oil for lighting and maintaining outdoor lamps and lanterns. For camping enthusiasts, we have a wide selection of equipment at Kefalonia Chandlers in Fiscardo and Agia Efimia.

 Our offerings include a variety of tents to accommodate your outdoor sleeping needs, as well as cooler boxes to keep your refreshments chilled and enjoyable.

For those seeking relaxation, we provide comfortable hammocks that are perfect for unwinding amidst nature’s beauty. To shield you from the sun’s rays, our sturdy umbrellas are designed to withstand the outdoor elements.

Additionally, we understand the importance of protection from insects, which is why we offer insect repellents and bite relief products to ensure a comfortable camping experience.

At Kefalonia Chandlers, we strive to provide a comprehensive range of outdoor equipment to enhance your outdoor adventures. Visit our Fiscardo or Agia Efimia locations to explore our offerings and gear up for your next outdoor escapade.

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